Run your Home Business Professionally Using Your Cell Phone!

Working from home is not without its challenges. Having a separate phone line for your home business is important if you want to sound more professional and instill confidence in your clients. Grasshopper lets you run your business using your cell phones! Toll free or local number – local or national presence Unlimited extensions – for departments […]

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Use your laptop outside in bright light or sunshine

It’s an iconic image isn’t it?  BUT have you ever seen anyone working on a laptop at the beach? Me neither… and with good reason too, it just isn’t practical. But when Ally asked me to solve the problem of using her laptop outdoors in the sunshine in the back yard, at the beach AND […]

Sneezing explained – why do we sneeze?

Sneezing or or sternutation is a convulsive expulsion of air from the lungs rom the nose, generally at a speed greater than 60 mph. Each sneeze sends thousands of bacteria-laden droplets into the air, making it an effective spreader of germs and disease, such as the common cold. Because the eyes and the nose are connected, it’s almost impossible […]

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Phuket Fit Facilities Review

Phuket Fit has the facilities that everyone admires. From the Health House restaurant to the state of the art gym equipment there is nothing that you could want for at this amazing fitness orientated resort. Imagine an open air Yoga studio in paradise with the gentle sea breeze to calm you as you work away your […]

Best Indoor Pets for Londoners

London is one of the biggest cities in the world, not only in size but also in the number of people living in the city. The city is known for being crowded all the time. Life in London over the last few decades has become really fast paced with millions of people moving to this […]


Making Your Own DIY Soap is Fun and Easy

If you’ve been doing your own arts and crafts for long enough, then chances are you’ve probably considered making your own cold process soap. Lots of people have been doing this for a very long time, and it is the traditional way that soap has been made for centuries. On top of being a great […]

Tasty Thai for Family Meals in the Bay Area

Today’s guest will share his delicious experience with eating out with his family in a Thay restaurant in San Francisco Bay Area. Yummy: “Hi all- just spent time in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was an exciting trip with tons of sights to see, Bay to Breakers, The Golden Gate bridge, “Maker Faire” and […]

Thay Healthy and Tasty Noodles restaurant meal

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Safety Tips to Adopt during Online Shopping

Fraud involving credit cards appears to be all over and thieves love utilizing the internet for stealing information from people’s credit cards. This is because of the secrecy it offers. Most clients are of the opinion that avoiding online shopping is the only method of protecting themselves. Even though this is one method of preventing […]

Five Important Chiropractic Tips for Better Living

Chiropractors are trained professionals who help patients to overcome debilitating pain throughout various areas within the human body. Chronic pain requires many of these patients to alter their lifestyles. As a result, they often miss out on the enjoyable physical activities. Debilitating pain also causes the deterioration of relationships, stress and anxiety, which can lead […]

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Ezine of worldwide clubbing

Bridge Clubbers offers the perfect way to acquire intricate insight into the various nightspots to unwind and relax when partying at different locations worldwide. With some of the best ever clubbingexperiences shared by revelers, the nightlife is only going to become an extravaganza like never before. From the heart of all fun, Ibiza to high-street […]

3 Pointers for a Successful Marriage

In this day and age, successful marriages are few and far between. Divorce rates are through the roof and this makes the value of a healthy marriage all the higher. In that light I’d like to offer some pointers on how a couple can try to make sure their marriage stays strong for decades, because […]

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Brain Training for Kids

Babies are born really brainy. They have more than enough brain cells and neurons to meet life’s challenges. But they continue to grow brain connections in their first few years – in fact over 700 more every second. Babies’ developing brains are always incredibly busy. Sights, sounds, and other experiences are flooding into babies’ brains, […]