Run your Home Business Professionally Using Your Cell Phone!

Working from home is not without its challenges. Having a separate phone line for your home business is important if you want to sound more professional and instill confidence in your clients. Grasshopper lets you run your business using your cell phones! Toll free or local number – local or national presence Unlimited extensions – for departments […]

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Use your laptop outside in bright light or sunshine

It’s an iconic image isn’t it?  BUT have you ever seen anyone working on a laptop at the beach? Me neither… and with good reason too, it just isn’t practical. But when Ally asked me to solve the problem of using her laptop outdoors in the sunshine in the back yard, at the beach AND […]

Doe Deere Speaks About Her Love Of Pattern And Color

Color is one of the most essential elements of any fashion choice. Many people are not sure how best to use color in their daily lives. Color can be used to convey many kinds of messages to others. A bright pattern can say that someone is happy and carefree while a more subdued hue may […]

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Shop Online for Authentic Indian Products

I just came across a brilliant shop full of authentic Indian great ideas. It’s called Redkok and it’s a brilliant outlet for men, women and children’ fashion, books, mobiles and computer accessories. As I was searching the net for an outfit for an Indian themed party , I was particularly impressed  with the multitude of choices for […]

Take Advantage Of e-business by Listing Your Wholesale Underwear Clothing Directory Online

Advertising a business to specific areas has several merits. For a wholesale businessman, it’s an opportunity to create awareness and harness the business ability to have a wider reach. There are various ways to advertise a business but the most effective one is through an online directory. Here are reasons to enlist your wholesale underwear […]

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Finding the best online deals for consumer products   Recently updated !

Over the past years, the internet has presented an excellent alternative for those who are looking for shopping mediums that can offer the highest level of convenience. Nowadays, even at the comfort of your own home, you can shop for different items that you want from a bath towel to a home entertainment system, among […]

Reasons to travel to Vietnam for holidays   Recently updated !

Today’s guest blogger will entice us to pick up our passports and head towards Vietnam for an unforgettable holiday: “Everyone likes to travel for refreshment after a hectic time and find the best place for vacation is hard and there are a lot of things to look prior selecting a place for the holidays. There are some […]

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The 30/30 Rule for weight loss: 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking.

The 30/30 Rule: How to lose weight by eating 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking. Nutritionists rarely agree. Do this, do that, eat this but don’t eat that…but one thing that most nutritionists and dietitians DO agree on is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But if you […]

Afordable Certified iPads

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. The holidays may be over a month away, but I’d wager a candy cane or two that you’re already starting to think about what gifts you’re going to give your family and friends this year. […]

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Tips to Keep in Mind When Looking for Suits Online

Have bought suits online before? Well, a decade down the line, not even a single individual believed that it is possible to buy suits and other products online. The truth is opportunities to boost your wardrobe through the website are countless. In fact, buying suits online earns you up to 50% discount. Such offers are […]

The tablet or android controlled Quadricopter 1

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter Controlled by iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices -Orange/Blue The first quadricopter that can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet. By tilting your device, you control the direction of your AR.Drone, and by releasing it, the AR.Drone is instantly stabilized. Thanks to the AR.Drone’s autopilot feature, anyone can be […]

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Air Trekkers – Jumping Stilts – extreme sport

Warning: only for the young at heart! These jumping stilts will provide hours of fun as you’ll jump higher than a kangaroo, run faster than a leopard, fly with the eagles and laugh your ass off as you never did. Because life’s for living and time’s for spending doing exciting things. Jumping Stilts by Air-Trekkers – […]