Take good care of your smartphone battery

Your smartphone is a like miracle, a pocket-sized computer that can fulfill almost every fantasy you may have. But none of its superpowers matter a bit if it runs out of battery. To avoid the inconveniences caused by a flat battery, you’ve got to take good care of your mobile phone’s battery to insure it will last. A […]

apartment decor. the best item on my bedside table is a stretchy cat that will hold my iphone while I sleep.

balance work with leisure

Now every parent can work from home!

Likedreviews is bringing a serious challenge to players like Tripadvisor. This is because it is the only review magazine on the web who actually provide editors with a 100% revenue share. Imaging reviewing fashion, travel, lifestyle and just about anything you really love? Working online and making money from home is a dream for many […]

Top 25 Love Quotes for Her

You’re tired of buying meaningless presents for your  loved one and you’re looking for a new and unique way to express your love? We should celebrate love every single day and the best way to celebrate it is with a lovely gesture or a heartwarming word of passion. Women adore the written word, especially when […]


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How to motivate your kids to exercise

Today’s guest blogger will share with us a tip on how to motivate your kids to exercise We the parents should do everything they can to motivate kids to be active and play as much as possible. The best way is to set a good example by exercising and being active ourselves. That will give […]

BAM! Batman Wears Sunglasses!

  If you live on this Earth, then chances are that you know who Batman is. He’s the ultimate superhero, with one of the most pronounced visual looks via his costume, extraordinary fighting abilities, a strong, established sense of morality, and a powerful motivation. Perhaps what makes Batman so endearing is his back story. He […]

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From Grand to Sand; Five Must Have Travel Styles

  Yes, it’s true; packing for travel can be seriously stressful business! With so many things to consider when filling that bag, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. People tend to panic and revert to packing any and everything, which is both inconvenient and unnecessary. I mean, they say you should never pack for rain, but […]

Fashion Feng Shui: Fashion With A Purpose

People normally associate feng shui, the ancient art of position objects based on a belief in the patterns and flow of energy (qi), to house building or interior design. Did you know that this belief system could actually be extended to the way you dress? Fashion feng shui is an innovative, transformational dressing method inspired […]

apartment decor. the best item on my bedside table is a stretchy cat that will hold my iphone while I sleep.

Older iPhone models emerge as the perfect gadget for children

***This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Trend shows that parents continue to buy older model iPhones for kids In the ever-changing – and ever-breaking – era of technology, phones are often the first to be replaced. Cracked screens, water damage and […]

US Postage Stamp Will Make You and Your Business Famous

  January 13, 2015 (Alpharetta, GA,  USA) –  American entrepreneur Ennar Chilakapati  has developed a special service for citizens of United State. The service called USA POSTAGE,  allows businesses to customize postage stamps to promote their products and services. The service lets users personalize real stamps, approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to […]

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Natural formula to provide relief to migraine suffers

Today’s guest blooger will talk us through a Revolutionary natural formula to provide relief to millions of migraine suffers worldwide Global patented migraine treatment offers compelling alternative to conventional migraine treatments Australian company, Innovative Herbal Products has developed a new treatment that is could change the lives of millions who suffer from migraine headaches. Migraine Escape […]