Run your Home Business Professionally Using Your Cell Phone!

Working from home is not without its challenges. Having a separate phone line for your home business is important if you want to sound more professional and instill confidence in your clients. Grasshopper lets you run your business using your cell phones! Toll free or local number – local or national presence Unlimited extensions – for departments […]

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Use your laptop outside in bright light or sunshine

It’s an iconic image isn’t it?  BUT have you ever seen anyone working on a laptop at the beach? Me neither… and with good reason too, it just isn’t practical. But when Ally asked me to solve the problem of using her laptop outdoors in the sunshine in the back yard, at the beach AND […]

How To Lose Weight Quickly: Tips and Tricks to Drop Those Extra Pounds!   Recently updated !

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know just how difficult it can be to drop a few extra pounds. Losing weight quickly is even more difficult! With swimsuit seasons coming up just around the corner, here are a few tips to help you get the figure you need.  Replace Guilty Pleasures with Healthy […]

balance work with leisure

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Our Guide To Choosing The Right Pillows   Recently updated !

Did you know that sleeping on the wrong pillows is one of the most common causes for getting a poor night’s sleep? Our bodies need to be properly supported when we sleep and it’s our pillows which help to ensure we’re sleeping in the right position. Choose the wrong pillow and you’ll struggle to get […]


More news for today from our guest blogger:  CRYSTAL M. LITZ  CONTACT:   213-321-2446 ” Cracking Your Creativity Code” Offers Powerful and Inspiring Journey Into Creativity Santa Monica —  A new documentary film seeks to help each person tap into their limitless creative potential.  “Cracking Your Creativity Code”, a transformative new film, has just been released on […]


Be Fashionable and Get a Strong Personality with Suits

Today’s guest blogger will tell us how the right suit can contribute to a fashionable appearance and enhance your personality. “To get a perfect look and a strong personality you must need to maintain your fashion. And in the fashion the dress matters a lot. Suits are the most fashionable dress, and it is trendy […]

Common Fitness Mistakes According to a World-Class Trainer

Today’s guest blogger, Barbara Wayman will talk us through some Common Fitness Mistakes   “Women who want to improve their bodies and overall health have lots of options and choices, with all sorts of diets, exercise programs and supplements to choose from.  To narrow down what really works, we asked Mike Davies, a trainer with over 20 years […]

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Learn Skydiving for Free: App and Experience Later

Do you want to experience a new extreme and very exciting sport? Then try SKYDIVING! But if you don’t have any idea about this sport and you need some expert tips and advice….. Then this *Learn To Skydive Sky Diving 101* APP will help you give the right information and good tips and advice about […]

Where to shop online for the best perfumes

Are you running out of ideas for your next birthday gifts? Purchase all your parfum femme pas cher on Mister Parfum. You can find thousands of brand name authentic perfumes, and save up to 70% off top designer brands when you shop at Mister Parfum. The best gift can be find, choose among the coffret […]

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Travel to safety

Today’s guest blogger will talk us through the means of safety we use when travelling. “Travelling seems to be a part of our daily living. Since birth, even if we’re still unconscious about what’s happening around us and even on ourselves travelling may already occurring to us. Travelling as I said in the latter one […]

Reading time and an enticing novel

Today’s guest blogger will entice us to read a thrilling new novel by Nefretiti:  Intuition  Rachel Calloway finds herself falling for a handsome successful guy, who appears to be everything she could want  in a man.  Often times we find ourselves in situations that appear to be exactly what we want, only to find out […]

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