Welcome to the Adventure Store – A doorway to adventures, experiences equipment and advice from across the country and around the world.

Adventure experiences are a fast growing sector as more and more people want to taste new possibilities or simply take a break which is 180 degrees away from the normal direction that life is takes them.

The range of experiences available is breathtaking from white knuckle seat of your pants thrills to serene, life recharging downtime. Most of my adult life has revolved around aircraft and racing cars as both my profession and my pleasure and so The Adventure Store will focus on those two types of experience.

Amongst the pages and posts you may find recommendations for various products and services. Some of them contain affiliate links and some maybe sponsored posts. However, sponsorship and financial rewards are never the sole motive for posting: I offer my support only to brands I like, the products I tried, and the services I find useful.

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